Testimonials for Dr. Minarik

THANKS A MILLION for your kindness and great prolo treatments and saving me from the scalpel!


Testimonials for Dr. Minarik

“In the spring of 2013 I suffered a severe rotator cuff injury while
rehearsing for an acrobatics performance. I was unable to hold even
something as light as a coffee mug with my arm extended. My estimated
chance of recovery after surgery was [predicted to be] 50 percent.

I started PRP with Dr. Ryan Minarik in hopes of increasing my chances of a
successful surgery. However, the treatments yielded such dramatic results
that now, a year later, I don’t require surgery at all! I can do a 1-arm
dead hang and multiple pull-ups easily. I can hold a free-standing
handstand for 90 seconds and counting. I can do flips and handsprings
without pain or instability. PRP helped me get my life, and career as a
acrobat back! I am so very grateful.”

—T.Z., Professional Acrobat

Testimonials for Dr. Minarik

“Dr. Minarik is a true healer. He completely changed our lives through careful and comprehensive consideration (and then treatment) of what was making my son so ill. Would recommend him in a heartbeat.”


Testimonials for Natasha

“Acupuncture and Chinese medicine used to be a place I would turn when my primary care provider was unable to address my concerns. After seeing Natasha, I now think of her first.”


Testimonials for Danielle

Danielle is a meticulously holistic practitioner. Her constant skill in seeing and hearing me throughout the several months we worked on healing acute and long standing health issues enabled her to work miracles on a lot of levels. Her Chinese herbs and acupuncture work are powerful and personally attuned and updated. In addition, she was so perceptive to whatever I said that she was able to link another modality of healing at Elixia and suggest it to me, which provided structural shifts that, together with her caring work and positive vibe, has returned me to wellness.

-S.L., 56yo Female

Testimonials for Danielle

It’s not hard to find a doctor. It’s hard to find a healer. Danielle Melanson is truly a healer! I am delighted to have found her. My experience with acupuncture has been healing and profoundly relaxing.

-L.B., 44yo Female

Testimonials for Ken

“Thanks for such a great massage… I’m glad my sister recommended you!”


Testimonials for Natasha

“Working with Natasha to alleviate anemia, I’ve also experienced immediate relief from chronic symptoms and aches and pains and have increased my overall sense of well being.”


Testimonials for Jamie

“I really appreciate all of your work and greatly enjoyed the sessions we had over a years time. I truly learned so much from you and liked gaining knowledge about muscles and how the body works. I am still practicing some of the stretches you taught me. You are an inspiration, which is why I am writing. I just recently went to another career preview at East West College of Healing Arts.”


Testimonials for Dr. Weeks

Dr. Shannon Weeks is a wonderful doctor. Very insightful and caring for a patient’s needs. Dr. Weeks has helped me to improve my general health as well as solve specific problems. I have recommended him to many friends who agree that he is one of a kind.


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Elixia Wellness Group Practitioners

Our goal is to bring holistic medicine to the forefront of medical care. Alternative medicine should not be alternative, but can become your primary and first choice for healthcare. Bringing holistic medicine into the mainstream, in an environment where people from our community and surrounding communities feel comfortable and well-cared for is our goal. Quality, accessibility and caring spirit is what you will find within our clinic. We aim to provide specialty and general care to everyone who believes that treating the root cause and whole person is the path for long term well-being, bringing vitally and full life.


Dr. Ryan Minarik – Naturopathic Physician, Acupuncturist [Owner]
Dr. Minarik has a special interest in sports medicine, being active in many sports himself. Techniques such as prolotherapy and PRP have given him the tools to treat conditions that other medical treatments have not been able to address.

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Dr. Kai Herman – Naturopathic Physician
Dr. Herman’s background in fitness, nutritional and lifestyle counseling allow her to be a cohesive part of Elixia Wellness Group in its mission to help people transform themselves.

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Dr. Terry Ycasas – Doctor of Chiropractic
Dr. Ycasas employs traditional chiropractic adjustments that many are familiar with, as well as subtle, yet profound techniques such as Torque Release and Craniosacral therapy.

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Dr. Rex Crites – Doctor of Chiropractic, Applied Kinesiologist
Welcome our newest physician at Elixia! Dr. Crites is certified in Applied Kinesiology and has taken over Dr Weeks’ AK practice since he left for Thailand.

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Dr. Lauren Ward-Selinger

Dr. Lauren Ward-Selinger – Naturopathic Physician
Dr. Ward-Selinger has a well balanced approach to wellness, utilizing both naturopathic and conventional modalities to find a safe, healthy, and natural approach for treatment.

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Danielle Melanson – Acupuncturist
Danielle’s focus is stress management and women’s health including infertility. Her goal is that through education, open heartedness and a supportive environment, every patient will find their own level of optimal health.

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Melody Short – Acupuncturist
Melody is a second-generation practitioner of general Chinese family medicine with a particular love for her specialties of Pediatrics and Sports Medicine. Her style of acupuncture is known for its gentleness and extremely thin needles.

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Natasha Colburn – Acupuncturist
Natasha has been practicing acupuncture since 1999. She currently has been using Kiiko Style, which uses specific palpation techniques to determine the deeper structural and constitutional imbalances which may underlie a patient’s symptoms.

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Ken Reader – Aesthetician, Massage Therapist
Ken has extensive training in Structural manipulation, Reiki, Zen Shiatsu and Reflexology. As an aesthetician, he is recognized by both YONKA and DERMALOGICA as an advanced technician, well trained and educated in skin conditions and how to correct them.

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Sarah Miscoe – Massage Therapist
Sarah is a highly skilled, proficient and intuitive therapist. She incorporates her extensive knowledge of deep tissue, soft tissue, myofacial and trigger point techniques, as well as interactive and passive movement, streching and orthopedic muscle testing when called for to create a customized massage for each of her clients.

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Lynsey Minarik – Office Manager [Owner]

Cindy St. Onge – Reception


Kelli Schaaff – Billing, Reception


Shay Marovich – Reception